Open Loop Aggressive Maneuver Quadcopter flips using crazyflie nano quadcopters

Author: Bhargav Jha
Supervisor: Prof. Tal Shima
We have decided to examine performing aggressive maneuvers using our newly bought Crazieflie 30 grams nano quads. We tested their aggressive flight capabilities by making them flip in mid air using open loop outer loop control. The basic flip maneuver is divided in five steps namely:
1. acceleration
2. start rotation
3. coast
4. stop rotation
5. recovery
Each step has been characterized by specific parameters such as duration of execution, acceleration, and angular rate command which were calculated based on low order model of the quadcopter.
The complete maneuver was programmed using Simulink and were tested out first on simulation using Gazebo platform. After this the program was implemented on crazyflie quadcopters using the test bed available at CASY Lab. The inner loop control for acceleration and angular rate was running onboard and the outer control was sending commands to quadcopter via ROS over wifi.
The capabilities of Crazyflie truly amazed us! Here is the video of our experiments. Note that manual control is used only for starting and terminating the process.