Real-Time Experimental Framework

Design Of A Generic Real-Time Experimental Framework Integrating Simulink, ROS And Gazebo.

Author: Bhargav Jha
Supervisor: Prof. Tal Shima

The aim of the project was to design a real time model on Simulink which can be used to study cooperative behaviour of aerial and ground robots. The development of a generic experimental framework enables us to study and implement cooperative behaviour of robots with ease. Also it provides a graphical user interface which enables the user to change and record various parameters online during the experiments. The framework provides the flexibility and easier programming compared to any other programming languages and supports real time experiments as well as simulations.


The current setup is able to control multiple aerial and ground robots simultaneously and integrates open source platforms such as ROS, Gazebo along with Simulink and C++.

We have successfully implemented various missile guidance laws and cooperative aircraft defense system using the current framework.